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Karen Schweitzer

Karen Schweitzer

The following is a Guest Post from education writer Karen Schweitzer. Karen is the Guide to Business School. She also writes about online colleges for


Interactive math games can make it easier for students to grasp some of the more difficult or tedious concepts in math. The Internet is a good source of free interactive math games for students of all grade and skill levels. Here is a list of 20 math games and sites for K-12 students to explore:

APlusMath – APlusMath offers a wide range of mathematics games that cover subtraction, multiplication, division, and addition. The games are designed mostly for elementary school children, but may be useful to middle school students as well.

Gamequarium – This interactive education game site features games for K-12 graders. These games cover everything from addition to time math and serve as a helpful resource for students who are struggling with various math concepts.

Math Playground – The Math Playground features several interactive and challenging math games that students can use for improving and testing their skills. Teachers can also use several of these games with interactive whiteboards.

BBC – The Bitesize games offered by BBC are perfect for math beginners or elementary children. The games cover numbers, space, shapes, and measures.

AAA Math – The AAA Math site has a comprehensive collection of interactive games that can be used to master mathematic concepts. The games cover basic math, algebra, geometry, and graphing and are well suited to K-8 students.

Funbased Learning – Within the Funbased Learning site, students can find games and lesson plans for algebra and chemistry. The algebra games are graphing games for beginner to expert learners. – offers a wide variety of games, brain benders, and jigsaw puzzles for improving children’s math skills. The games teach addition, subtraction, long division, multiplication, factions, and much more.

Cram Web – The Cram Web game site provides challenging games for geometry and math. The games can be timed or not and cover multiplication, division, subtraction, and addition.

Sheppard Software – Sheppard Software, an educational game site, has math games that students can use to study basic operations, place value, telling time, early math, and pre-algebra. This site also features number balls games that cover algebra I and algebra II. – Students can find a nice collection of educational games and online practice for math at The math games cover addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and geometry. The games are fit for pre K through middle school children.

Hooda Math – Hooda Math provides interactive geometry, arithmetic, and logic games for elementary and middle school children.

Solve My Math – With free logic games and mathematic puzzles, Solve My Math is a great place for students to have fun while improving math skills. The games are designed to simulate imagination while improving understanding of mathematical concepts.

Wired Math – The games and exercises provided by Wired Math are designed specifically for older students. Within the site, users will find games and follow up exercises for algebra, geometry, and linear relations. The games can be enjoyed online and are also compatible with interactive whiteboards. – The site features games that students can use for practicing math at home or at school. The games cover elementary and middle school material as well as some high school concepts.

The Problem Site – The Problem Site features free math games and educational puzzles that are perfect for elementary students. The interactive games are a fun learning tool and support multiple players. – Whether you’re a basic or advanced math whiz, has something for you. This site provides games for beginner to advanced level students.

Arcademic Skill Builders – Arcademic Skill Builders offers arcade games that teach students basic mathematical concepts. Just a few of the games on this site include Drag Race, Tug Team, and Ratio Stadium. – This online game site features challenging math games that work to improve students’ basic math skills. Students can find games for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, coordinates, and ratios. – LightingReflex is a fun interactive math competition where students can compete with others worldwide. The competitions offer five different areas for building your mathematics skills.

Geometry of the Ancients – Geometry of the Ancients is a free online interactive game provided by LearningWave that covers the basic concepts of geometry. This game is a great way to improve basic skills as well as critical thinking.

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    Adding to the list is completely different kind of math game: – a story-based approach to teaching math.

    The long-term effects of embedding math in a rich context where the math makes conceptual sense with the story line are profound.

    Thanks for checking it out.

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