Dec 242010

GeoGebra Logo Dec 2010

What a year it’s been for GeoGebra!

  • There were three International GeoGebra Conferences in 2010
  • 3 million netbooks with GeoGebra were given to students in Argentina. Similar projects are running in Australia and Europe.

  • 24 new GeoGebra Institutes in all continents (except Antartica)

  • 3.8 Million Downloads of GeoGebra this year

  • 5 Million Visitors to this year. This means up to 33,000 visits per day or 170,000 visits per week

  • Our visitors came from 217 countries and territories. Most visitors came from Europe and North America

  • GeoGebra received the National Technology Leadership Award in Education

I am so pleased to be a part of bringing this software to the public’s attention. GeoGebra is the kind of thing that I wish I’d had when going through middle/high school, to say nothing of college. To me, it’s an elegant, simple to use interface between me and the beauty and structure of mathematics. Whenever I share GeoGebra with people, they invariably are amazed, stunned, and lastly thankful, that they can control the creation of such works of math/art.

If you have not yet worked with this fabulous software, please make a point of visiting the GeoGebra website, where the Mathemagic begins.

Here’s the page with all this information and more.

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