Jan 252009

KenKen 4x4-9x9

I just received word that new daily KenKen puzzles are now available at this kenken.com website. You can choose from small puzzles, such as the 4×4, all the way to the mega-size 9×9 for real KenKen enthusiasts. All the puzzles are rated Medium.

This serves as a nice companion to the New York Times KenKen site, where there are only two sizes, 4×4 and 6×6, but you can choose from Easier, Medium, or Harder versions of each size. I like these new options for the classroom since I can now work with students at the 4×4 size, then gradually “graduate” them to the 5×5, then to the 6×6, and so on. Many of my students really look forward to these puzzles, and we do them on a regular basis. Sometimes the KenKen puzzles are for warmups, some are for homework, and they also appear on tests (whatever you want kids to study and master needs to be made part of your assessment).

Some traveling news: the creator of KenKen, Mr. Tetsuya Miyamoto, is coming to the USA for his first ever visit end of February. He intends to visit New York and San Francisco. I’ll keep you posted as I hear more.

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  1. In the Sunday New York Times, there are a 5 by 5 easy kenken and a 7 by 7 harder kenken.

  2. Do you make available, gratis, any 9×9 Kenkens?

    I tried to print the six puzzles above, and they’re too indistinct to be useful.

    Thanks in advance for taking the trouble to answer!


  3. Hi Dave,
    One of the best places to get 9×9 KenKens is via the site http://www.kenken.com – it provides six sizes, all new content free daily.
    Best wishes,
    – Mr. L

  4. hi,

    just thought I’d point you to my hobby site:

    where you can play kenken puzzles in many variations :)


  5. Hi Patrick,
    Thanks for the link to your site; it looks nice.
    I’ll point my students toward your site.
    – Mr. L

  6. > Thanks for the link to your site; it looks nice.
    > I’ll point my students toward your site.

    Thanks :)

    To be precise, I call them Calcudoku puzzles (Kenken
    is a registered trademark).

    Recently I added iphone/ipad and mouse support,
    as well as a few new variations (exponentiation
    operator, more twin puzzles, a bonus puzzle,
    play the puzzle on facebook..).



  7. These are too small to even see. Can you please put the 9 x 9 on its own page?

  8. Hi Kathleen,
    The graphic is intended merely to give the reader the scope of the KenKens available.
    You can visit the NY Times KenKen site or the kenken.com site for full-size downloadable KenKen puzzles.
    Best wishes,
    -Mr. L

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