Mar 192009


Here’s a great addition to any teacher’s bag of tricks – Mister Slope. This simple graphic will allow students to easily remember common facts about the graphs of linear equations. This was first brought to my attention by Ryan Lamb, a student at Foothill H.S. in Palo Cedro CA. He found it on a youtube video titled “Introduction to the Slope of a Line.”

Students can easily draw this graphic any time they need to be reminded of some key facts: the eyes show the differences between positive (+) and nagative ()slopes, the nose indicates an Undefined slope, and the mouth indicates a slope of zerO.

Be sure to check back next week – my students will create their versions of Mister Slope as a class project. I’ll be uploading some of their work for readers to see.

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  1. I love it! Intro to slopes for my 7th graders. They’ll never forget the meaning of each slope. Thanks. :)

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