Dec 012009
Markus Hohenwarter receiving the Tech Award in Education for GeoGebra

Markus Hohenwarter receiving the Tech Award in Education for GeoGebra

More kudos for GeoGebra; I continue to share this wonderful open-source software program with others and watch them experience the joy as they see mathematics come alive with power and creativity. My students experience this on a regular basis.

From the Tech Awards website:

“The Tech Awards program inspires global engagement in applying technology to humanity’s most pressing problems by recognizing the best of those who are utilizing innovative technology solutions to address the most urgent critical issues facing our planet. People all over the world are profoundly improving the human condition in the areas of education, equality, environment, health, and economic development through the use of technology. It is the goal of The Tech Awards to showcase their compelling stories and reward their brilliant accomplishments.

The Tech Awards is an international awards program that honors innovators from around the world who are applying technology to benefit humanity.

GeoGebra is open-source software available for free through the Web that enables users to dynamically experiment with mathematical concepts.

Technology can play an important role in learning mathematics. Teachers and students alike often depend on interactive technology to learn about and experiment with math.

The dynamic mathematics software GeoGebra addresses all levels of education by joining arithmetic, geometry, algebra, and calculus. It features a very clean, easy-to-use interface. Since the tool is open source, a large user community has emerged to create interactive online materials for specific subject matters or a particular educational level. Having been translated into over 45 languages, it continues to expand to offer equal information access across the globe.”

Download GeoGebra and share with others at:

Oct 042009

GGb conf poster

The First North American GeoGebra Conference will be held 27-28 July, 2010 at Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York.

I’ve been honored to be a part of the Scientific Committee for this conference. This committee has the responsibility of reviewing conference proposals. I’m looking forward to an interesting experience seeing how others use the powerful program, and also what’s in the future for this creative software.

The website above has just been created and will be updated as information becomes available. Mark you calendar for an exciting two days with fellow GeoGebra enthusiasts!

Nov 262008

My session on GeoGebra at the CMC-S Palm Springs conference was well attended. The room seated 120, and CMC staff had to turn away at the door many folks who wanted to see this great open-source software. I was pleased to be able to share a little of the story behind GeoGebra, its creator Markus Hohenwarter, and show the audience some of the spectacular things that teachers can do “with the greatest of ease.” Many audience members said they were going right home to download GeoGebra. Two weeks later I was asked to repeat some of what I had done at workshops for the Corona-Norco USD; response from these teachers was tremendous as well. Some of these teachers were downloading GeoGebra and creating some neat things during my presentation! I’ll be sharing this wonderful software again twice next week at the CMC-N (Asilomar) and the Technology Conference hosted by the California League of Middle Schools/High Schools & Computer Using Educators at Monterey, CA. The title of the sessions are:


I’ll also be repeating my session on STAR preparation:


Focus your curriculum while preparing students to perform well on the STAR by incorporating simple, easy-to-use techniques. Free, ready-to-use resources for students at, below, and above grade level.

Asilomar is always a great conference in a spectacular setting on the California coast.

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